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Q- I couldn’t find any past information about your awards.
This is the first year of American Eagle Book Awards. Everyone starts somewhere and 2019 is the year for us.

Q- Why is American Eagle Book Awards only open to authors that have published in the United States and who are American Citizens?
Every novel contest has rules for submission that follow the intention of the Award Committee.  A t American Eagle Book Awards, it was our decision to advocate for Indie and Self-Published American citizens that print in the United States.

Q- Who are the founders of American Eagle Book Awards?
American Eagle Book Awards was founded by Ontario Shore Publishing and Best Seller Services.

Q- Why is yours an open-ended date for announcement of winners?
The announcement for the 2019 winners of the American Eagle Book Awards is open ended because we want to ensure we have enough time to devote to the proper reading and evaluation of each entry.

Q- Why aren’t you awarding cash to the winning entries?
American Eagle Book Awards has kept the entry fee at a level that only covers reader’s fees and allows for partial proceeds to benefit rural libraries. As the awards program grows, we hope to provide monetary awards in addition to the badges that acknowledge excellence.

Q- Where are the print books going?
After winners are announced, all print books will be donated to rural libraries in Western New York.

Q- Where can I find answers to other questions about American Eagle Book Awards?
Follow the Twitter feed to find the answers to many questions or email us directly at [email protected]

Q- I like the idea about helping rural libraries, but I have a nonfiction published in 2018. Since I can’t enter your contest, how can I help?
You can help your local library by donating books you no longer want or need.
You can help American Eagle Book Awards by sharing our posts with your author friends. 

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